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FP7 NANOINDENT ended on 31 August 2011. We are thankful for the European Union for the financial support.

You may read the Publishable summary report in the news section.

Some partners submitted a new proposal in January 2012 titled "Standardising the nano-scratch test" or simply NANOINDENT-plus.

The call (NMP.2012.4.0-2 Support for standardisation needs) states "The proposed support actions should build on the scientific and technical achievements of NMP projects, or clusters of projects, funded under FP6 and/or FP7. It should address the preparation of standards and metrology issues in order to vigorously push the knowledge towards industrial innovation."

The NANOINDENT-plus project will, therfore, further develop, validate and draft standards for nano-scratching, which is an important new tool to investigate the tribological properties of materials on a scale relevant to the fundamental mechanisms of wear. The new standard will facilitate the development of new coatings and engineered surfaces that will give impact through more efficient transport, improved competitiveness of industry and a better quality of life for EU citizens.

You may read the abstract in the news section.


The original FP7 NANOINDENT Coordination Action project aimed to gather, improve, catalogue and present European-wide activities in characterisation techniques, methods and equipment for nanomechanical testing. It improved existing nanoindentation metrology to reveal structure-properties relationship at the nano-scale. The work laid down a solid base for subsequent efforts for defining and preparing new standards to support measurement technology in the field of nanomaterials characterisation. Steps included development of the classical and the dynamic nanoindentation method and its application to new fields, application of modified nano-indenters to new fields as scratching and wear measurement, firm and uniform determination of instrumental parameters and defining new standard samples for the new applications.

The project disseminated information based on a new "Nanocharacterisation database" on two levels: on a broader level a novel inventory of data and techniques in nanomechanical characterisation had being built and, for a narrower public, the actual results of the network have been disseminated.

For more information contact: Dr. Péter NAGY (nagyp@chemres.hu)

The Nanoindent project has received funding from the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n° NMP3-CA-2008-218659.

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